Responsibility towards the Consumers

The Company places consumers as one of the stakeholders who have a role in ensuring business continuity. Therefore, consumers become the main partner in developing business in the future which also make customer satisfaction a fundamental and important aspect.

MNC Group views its relationship with customers as more than just business. It is the Company’s goal to build relationships based on trust that will ultimately lead to customer loyalty. To this end, the Company, and its subsidiaries, hold regular activities during which its employees can interact with customers and learn about their expectations from the Company’s products and services.

To carry out Corporate Social Responsibility related to responsibility to consumers, the Company always strives to provide the best products and services as well as providing clear product information through various media and activities.

The Company’s initiatives and activities relating to the aspects of responsibility for goods and / or services, among others, are as follows: 

  1. Providing facilities that enable consumers and prospective consumers to understand and know the Company’s products, whether through the Company’s website or subsidiary integrated website.
  2. With the development of an increasingly dynamic digital world, the Company and its business units have implemented digital-based mobile applications to facilitate consumers in obtaining product-related information, paperless application registration, and knowing real-time information on investment. One of our commitments in understanding the need of new investors to learn about the stock market in a real trading environment, our subsidiary, MNC Sekuritas developed MNC Virtual Trading. The platform enables beginners to understand the mechanism of trading stocks, with real data feed from the Indonesian Stock Exchange, using virtual fund
  3. Providing channels for consumer complaints in all business units.
  4. Providing and disseminating information to consumers and prospective consumers on products in the capital market which can be obtained through the Company.
  5. Hold meetings with consumers regularly to maintain customer loyalty, such as investor/customer gathering to update market trends and latest issues in the capital market and economy.