Responsibility towards the Environment

MNC Group has a strong commitment to be involved in maintaining environmental sustainability both directly and indirectly. The Company believes that the environment is one of the main factors that support the Company’s business continuity. Therefore, in every business activity, the Company always ensures that the activities carried out do not have a negative impact on the environment.

The Company’s policies regarding management and protection of the environment are realized in the form of appeals, announcements, and Company Regulations in order to minimize the impact of the Company’s operational on the environment through reduce the paper use; save electricity, water and fuel oil; and plant and care for trees around the environment.

The Company realizes that paper production requires large quantities of chemicals, water and energy, as well as wood fiber, which is the main raw material used in its production. The paper production process generates a large amount of waste. Hence, the use of paper has short and long term effects on the environment, contributing to global warming and environmental damage. The Company has implemented paper-saving initiatives over the past few years by printing documents only when needed and using on both sides of the paper.

The Company’s concern on the environment is also demonstrated through various daily activities internally. Environmental care campaigns continue to be carried out in MNC Group offices throughout Indonesia such as calls on all employees use electricity efficiently, unplug when leaving the office, and use water wisely.

The Company has been using water treatment system for air conditioner/AC condensation, which generates clean water that meets the drinking water quality standards. This system is used in MNC Group’s office buildings, and has reduced the consumption of both tap and groundwater. The system was one of the innovations of the Company’s employee who became the winner of the MNC Innovation Award 2015.

MNC Group has also been implementing an environmentally friendly way of doing business by executing digital transformation across its line of business. Through its subsidiaries in the Financial Sevices sector, MNC Group has implemented digital-based applications in its business processes. The use of mobile apps has increased the efficiency level and reduced the use of paper. In the media sector, MNC Group has launched two streaming platform for its FTA TV and Pay TV(RCTI+ and Vision+). Streaming through mobile applications in general uses lower electricity compared to TV uses, which will reduce the electricity consumption hence supporting towards carbon emission reduction.

Since 2016, MNC Group through MNC Land has collaborated with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in an effort to develop Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (TNGGP). This collaboration will strengthen the function of the TNGGP in the development of natural tourism in Bodogol and its surroundings as well as an effort by MNC Land to support the development of national tourism.

MNC Group, through MNC Peduli, has carried out environmental care activities by collaborating with internal and external parties, among others:

  1. Supporting the green campaign with activities such as planting 10,000 tree seedlings in Central Jakarta and on the banks of Ciliwung river, commemorating the 30th anniversary of MNC Group in 2019.
  2. Conducting regular environmental clean-up activities during the National Waste Care Day (HPSN). The clean-up event was participated by the community in the area and volunteers from MNC Group employees.
  3. Planting coral reefs, beach cleaning and releasing sanca snakes to their original habitat in Sangiang Island-Banten, in collaboration with PT Doulton & ADV.
  4. Repairing roads and bridges. Setting up street lights using solar panels, cultivation of Toga trees are some activities that have been performed in Lenggok village, Bogor, in collaboration with students from the faculty of engineering of Pancasila University.