Responsibility towards Social and Community Development

Building a harmonious relationship with the community is a fundamental foundation for long-term business success. Therefore, the Company always tries to respect the values, norms, and culture of the communities around the Company and to establish harmonious relations with the local community. The Company strives to give great attention to social development which is manifested in various CSR activities related to the socio-cultural community. The Company consistently and intensively carries out social activities including disaster response as throughout many natural disasters occur in the country throughout 2018.

The implementation of the Company’s CSR program began with the “RCTI Peduli” which is a program made to raise funds from RCTI viewers to be distributed throughout Indonesia. The target of this program is the victims of natural disasters and poor people. All public funds collected are channeled for those in need while the costs of transportation, distribution, and other operations are borne by the Company.

In line with the growth of its business, the Company is committed to continuing its contribution to the Indonesian. Through CSR programs that continue to be improved both in quality and coverage, the Company wants to play an important role in empowering the community, improve the quality of public health, and open access for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to make them independent and resilient entrepreneurs.

In order to make the implementation of the Company’s CSR programs, especially in the social and community sectors, more focused, have a larger scale and integrated, the Company established Jalinan Kasih Foundation in 2004. The focus of Jalinan Kasih Foundation is to provide services in the health and education sector for the poor. Through the Jalinan Kasih Foundation, the Company wants to help people who have not been able to enjoy access to education and health because they are living in poverty. The services include free medical treatment, cleft lip surgery, cataract and hernia surgeries. The Company has also provided hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, artificial cornea, wheelchairs and therapy equipments.

To date, Jalinan Kasih Foundation has given assistances for education, staple goods, free medication of over 700 thousand patients, improving public facilities and disaster relief.

Since 2017 all social and community development activities carried out by subsidiaries and affiliates of the MNC Group and the Jalinan Kasih Foundation are under the auspices of MNC Peduli. MNC Peduli focuses on three main areas, namely the social, humanitarian, and religious fields, including those related to education, the environment, and infrastructure development.

As a form of MNC Group’s commitment towards sustainable social and community development, in 2020  MNC Peduli is focusing to organize “Building a Village” program in Desa Pantai Bakti – Muara Gembong, Bekasi. The program is designed to integrate all social activities that can be participated by all business units under MNC Group. This program is built to continuously and the progress is measurable through a culmination event that will be convened at the end of the year.

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Other social and community development programs, as well as the improvement of education quality, have also been the focus and commitment of the Company as realized through various activities, among others:

Clean Water Supply

MNC Group is helping to improve the health quality of the communities surrounding the operational location by supplying or providing better access to clean water. The activities include installing household water connections that extend the state water company’s network to reach the communities’ residences and providing clean water pipelines that extend the state-owned water company’s network to reach public facilities.

Community-based Sanitation Program

MNC Group strives to improve community health quality through the promotion of healthy lifestyle behavior, providing training to the health facilitators in the villages under its mentorship and donation for building proper toilets together with the community members.

One Step Forward through Education

It is our belief that investment in education creates stronger communities, and that improving educational quality is critical for the success of future generations. Some of our main programs to support that believes include providing scholarships and mobile libraries as well as improving school infrastructure.

One of the forms of support that has been and will continue to be carried out by MNC Group is to provide educational content, both formal and informal. Our FTA TV provides top chart programs to find the best Indonesian talent such as “Indonesian Idol” dan “Rising Star Indonesia”, as well as a program called “Bedah Sekolah” that has been conducting school renovation and providing Computer and School Supplies assistance.

In formal education, MNC Group commitment for sustainable education development has been realized through the establishment of MNC College in 2018 that consists of MNC Business College which offers management and accounting programs and  MNC Education College which offers education and mathematics programs. MNC College graduates will gain priority benefit in securing job opportunities within MNC Group’s businesses.