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PT MNC Energy Investments Tbk, with the ticker code “IATA” is a company engaged in the trading and investment in energy sector. PT MNC Energy Investment Tbk has extensive mining permits with abundant resources and potential coal.

We manages 8 IUPs along with supporting infrastructures from hauling roads, weighbridge, stockpile, crusher, to coal ports in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra, and aggressively boosts its production to respond to the high coal demand. According to the report from the Indonesian Joint Committee for Mineral Reserves (KCMI), IATA currently has coal reserves of 386.6 million MT. That total is generated from only around 20% of the Company’s mining area of 72,478 Ha. The coal reserves will keep increasing as the exploration process shows additional proven reserves, at least as much as 600 million MT for all IUPs.

In addition to focusing on increasing coal production, the Company continues to grow sales contracts, seek opportunities to acquire new mines, consider prospects in renewable energy, and ensure efficiency in every business activity to generate sustainable performance growth.

As a steward of social responsibility, we strive to improve the quality of production processes and operations to be more environmentally friendly, maintain workplace safety standards, provide quality services, and deliver value to stakeholders.

Our long-term goal is to contribute toward energy sustainability and improve the lives of our community.

MNC Energy Investments thriving and moving forward for better future and generations.