Customer (Product/Service)

Policy & Commitment

Customers are of the utmost importance to the Company. In regard to Social Responsibility towards them, the Company and its subsidiaries have always strived to provide the best products and services and convey clear product information through various channels and activities. One of the programs is to provide facilities and channels of communication for customers to deliver their complaints or input related to products and/or services provided by the Company.

Customers may deliver their complaints or input to the appointed party or Corporate Secretary, through email: [email protected]

Initiatives and Product Information

The Company also manages an official corporate website or integrated subsidiaries’ websites, containing comprehensive products and services information, reporting, and other relevant information on public information requirements. In addition, channels for consumer complaints are also available in all business units.

Socialization, education, and literacy to consumers and potential consumers are actively carried out to increase consumer satisfaction in using the products and services offered. The Company and business units also hold regular meetings with consumers to maintain consumer loyalty, such as holding an investor gathering to inform updates regarding business updates, market trends, and the latest issues in the media, finance, and entertainment hospitality sectors. 

With the increasingly dynamic development of the digital era, the Company and its business units have implemented digital-based mobile applications to facilitate consumers in obtaining product-related information, paperless application registration, and real-time investment information. The products are as follows:

  1. To increase customer satisfaction, the mobile streaming TV service and movies / TV series, namely MNC Now, changed to Vision+. With a new look and spirit, Vision+ presents 120+ local and premium channels as well as thousands of hours of movie / TV series from various countries and genres, anytime and anywhere.
  2. In collaboration with MNC Media, MotionPay launched e-TV Mall, a television program to ease viewers’ in
    buying products by simply scanning the QRIS code on their TV screen.
  3. One of the Company’s subsidiaries, MNC Bank, has successfully launched a mobile banking application, Motion, to realize MNC Bank’s digital strategy to transform into a branchless bank in the future.
  4. The Company, through MNC Life, has also launched Hario, a complete digital-based insurance application that provides various life, health, and general insurance products such as home insurance, motor vehicle insurance, and travel insurance. During the pandemic, Hario Apps launched two Hario Siaga products, namely Hario Diamond and Hario Platinum, additional protection for customers exposed to the Covid-19 virus risk.
  5. In 2020, MNC Sekuritas has also launched MNC Research feature in MNC Trade New application. As of September 4, 2020, their research team has also presented a breakthrough through the Morning Meeting. It is the latest initiative from MNC Sekuritas to broadcast any update from capital market news, reviews of global, regional and domestic markets, as well as stock recommendations on every exchanging day via\ YOUTUBE LIVE before the trading day begins.
  6. PT MNC Land Tbk held a soft opening of Lido Adventure Park which set to be the largest outbound in Southeast Asia. This facility is managed by Lido Lake Resort.