30 Apr 2024

Caring for Cancer Patients, MNC Peduli Visits Rumah Singgah Peduli through the One Million Masks Program

Jakarta – To support the struggle of cancer fighters, MNC Peduli is promoting the One Million Masks for Cancer Fighters program. Through this program, MNC Peduli donated masks to a number of shelters, foundations and hospitals that help cancer fighters in Jabodetabek.

This time, mask assistance was given to Rumah Singgah Peduli located in Johar Baru District, Central Jakarta City. This Shelter Home is here for cancer fighters who need a place to stay closest to the hospital where they are undergoing treatment, especially those from outside Jabodetabek.

The presence of the Halfway House is very beneficial for underprivileged cancer fighters. This is because social health insurance only covers medical costs, and the Care Shelter is trying to meet the needs for housing and medical assistance.

One of the patients suffering from a tumor who lives in a halfway house, Suminto, expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided. Because, patients in that place really need masks for daily activities when they leave the house.
"Yes, Alhamdulillah, thank God, thanks to all the assistance, it is very supportive for us fellow rekqn who are here, so there are no more or less rights than that, we are very happy to receive assistance in whatever form and shape it is," said Suminto when interviewed, Tuesday (30/4 /2024).

Suminto said that the assistance from MNC Peduli at least eased the burden on the patients living in the halfway house.